A Pollo IV

A Pollo IV

This painting was intended to be fun and somewhat goofy, as I’ve tried to emphasize in the name (if you know any spanish).   I like how it creates a fun starting point to let ones mind wonder to create a world in which this would exist and how it may come to be. 

I intended for this piece to be humorous but at the same time it is still heavily influenced by symbolism that goes back centuries. 

The chicken/ rooster has been recognized in cultures around the world for centuries as a fierce, brave, independent animal.  The Romans associated the chicken with Mars and was seen as the god of war.  Its hard to envision the chicken as a fierce creature these days as its been highly domesticated, but after remembering an incident where I came across a cock fighting ring in a Mexican market its no wonder they were deemed such fierce creatures, willing to fight to the death.   

Roosters are also known for their announcement of the dawning of new day.  In the painting I like how it translated into the rooster being the adventuring forefather, leading civilizations to the dawning of a new era. 



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September 5, 2014