Migi Illustrations & Michelle Hurtig

Hey! I’m Michelle Hurtig,

I am an illustrator, painter, graphic artist currently living in Vancouver, BC. I gather my inspiration from the things and activities I love the most. On any given day, I can be found trekking around the wilderness of BC with my trusty side kick “Zissou” (the dog), navigating the breathtaking Cathedral Forest, kayaking our stunning coast line, or just taking in and observing daily life from a park bench. Occasionally even sketching in my notebook while perched upon one of the Lions overlooking our city. Inspiration is everywhere! The works that arrive from such inspirations are intricate pen and ink line drawings and bold acrylic paintings that take on a whimsical feel.


Why I make Art.

I apply a stream of consciousness technique in my art practice.  All the dense and detailed lined work brings me very close to what I am working on, and in many ways becomes a form of meditation. Creating in this way allows for my daily life, aspirations, frustrations, feelings and happenings to all come together organically and influence my work.  In painting in this way it helps me to realize and overcome obstacles in my life and better realize my goals as well as what I most cherish in this world.  I find it interesting how cultural influences, with both modern and historical symbolism work their way into my paintings and help to convey a rich platform for story telling.