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Vancouver based illustrator and artist Michelle Hurtig has been practicing her craft since 2001. Her pieces focus on line work using primarily ink. Take a sneak peak at some of her work bellow!

Prints on Merchandise

Migi does custom prints on almost anything. Contact me to request more information.


Migi does illustrations for a wide range of projects.

Cards & Hand Lettering

Migi creates unique seasonal / commissioned cards and hand lettering projects.


Migi Illustration Musings and Other Work

Migi Illustrations now has an ONLINE SHOP!

I’ve been working hard over the last month, with help from my lovely web designer at Ritual Creative to create a welcoming space to sell some of my art.    The time has come to share it with you all… and just in time for the HOLIDAYS!  FBadd


Halloween Mask

Halloween Mask

Halloween is coming!

I recently had the opportunity to create a mask for a friend.   This crazy creature is what was born from this crazy fun project.   Its was totally fun getting back into creating three dimensional sculptural work again.   SO much fun!

This is a light weight plaster mask painted with acrylics.


Birthday Card Process

Birthday Card Process

justin.FinalIt’s my brothers B-Day today!  What better of a time to create a crazy self portrait for someone. Here are some process (time laps) photo’s of the project.



It’s blogging time. The first of many!

It’s blogging time. The first of many!

It is time! My first blog post ! !

For those of you who don’t know me I’m Migi. Illustrator, artist, dreamer, maker, adventurer! I’ve spent the last months recreating my NEW website with the help of the very talented Emilie Nagahama from Ritual Creative! Along with this awesome little inter tube world, a blog space was also created ! ! This little link to a world wide community posed endless opportunities ! !


This is Zissou! He’s always there to make sure I take my breaks on time.

I’m going to let this space grow organically but maintain the intention of sharing my inspirations, work, and processes with my colleagues, friends and strangers, and to hopefully inspire their (your) creative side. ! I hope you all grow to be comfortable with this place enough to share your thoughts and criticisms.

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Intrigued? Have a project in mind? Let’s brainstorm!  Contact me with any questions or ideas — I look forward to hearing from you!

You can also reach me at michelle@migi.ca

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